GIST Support International LTD. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Minnesota. The website and our e-mail-based listservs are the work of volunteers (GIST patients, friends, family, and others within the community) who have chosen to donate their time and resources to make these resources possible – with the hope that they may be useful to others dealing with this disease.

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We are a volunteer organization. GSI will not pay any subscriber, member, volunteer or relation thereof of this organization. The Operating Committee and its members agree that no person responsible for organizing, managing or maintaining the organization shall ever be paid, and this guideline shall remain in place in perpetuity and is so voted by the Founders of GIST Support International.

GSI promotes educational activites and accepts contributions to support development of patient education programs.  Any contributions designated as “designated funds” can be used only for the purposes intended by the donor.  GSI’s limited general operating budget is funded solely through non-specific contributions.

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