GIST Clinics and Doctors

GIST Support International does not endorse specific physicians or rate their expertise about GIST. One way of locating experts is to identify doctors who have written about GIST in the medical literature. Of course, there are many fine physicians who have not written about GIST. Writing about GIST is no guarantee that a physician actually is an expert. Likewise, participation in administering a clinical trial does not guarantee expertise. Therefore, this list is just a starting point. It is always a good idea to ask other patients about their experiences with physicians at particular facilities.

The following list, sorted by country, includes contributors to one or more of the following documents:

In addition to the list below, which is based on the publications listed above, we also have compiled a list of physicians named by members of our listserv community.  You can link here to this second list.



Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute Jayesh Desai, MD
John R. Zalcberg, MD


University Hospital Gasthuisberg of the
Catholic University
Patrick Schöffski, MD
Maria Debiec-Rychter
Raf Sciot, MD


Tom Baker Cancer Center
Calgary, Alberta
Donald Morris, MD
Cross Cancer Institute
Edmunton, Alberta
Karen Mulder, MD
British Columbia Cancer Agency/
Vancouver Cancer Clinic
Vancouver, BC
Charles Blanke, MD
Margaret Knowling, MD
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver, BC
David Owen, MD
St. Boniface General Hospital
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ralph Wong, MD
Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre
St. John’s, Newfoundland
Stewart Rorke, MD
Juravinski Cancer Clinic
Hamilton, Ontario
Alvaro Figueredo, MD
London Regional Cancer Centre
London, Ontario
Jawaid Younus, MD
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
David Driman, MD
Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Center
Ottawa, Ontario
Shailendra Verma, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Ontario
Martin E. Blackstein, MD
Robert Riddell, MD
Carol J. Swallow, MD
Aaron Pollett, MD
Princess Margaret Hospital
Toronto, Ontario
Massom Haider, MD
Korosh Kahlili, MD
Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Science Center
Toronto, Ontario
Calvin Law, MD
Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal
Montreal, Quebec
Denis Soulieres, MD
Pierre Dube, MD
Hopital du Sacre-Couer de Montreal
Montreal, Quebec
Louis R. Begin, MD
Bernard L’Esperance, MD


University Hospital Herlev
Anders Krarup-Hansen, MD, PhD
Odense University Hospital
Ole Nielsen, MD


Helsinki University Central Hospital
Heikki Joensuu, MD


Hopital Edouard-Herriot
Pierre Meeus, MD
Institut Bergonie
Binh Bui, MD
Ambroise Pare Hospital
Jean-Francois Emile, MD
Centre Leon Berard
Isabelle Ray-Coquard, MD
Jean-Yves Blay, MD
Axel Le Cesne, MD
Comite Sarcome /
Institute Gustave-Roussy
Sylvie Bonvalot, MD


Universitätsklinikum Charite Campus Buch
Peter Reichardt, MD
University of H
eidelberg at Mannheim
Peter Hohenberger, MD


1st Department of Medical Oncology /
Hygeia Hospital
Jim Janinis, MD
University General Hospital
Ianis Boukovinas, MD


Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio
e la Cura dei Tumori
Alessandro Gronchi, MD
Antonella Messina, MD
Elena Tamborini
Maurizio Colecchia, MD
Paolo G. Casali, MD
Rosella Bertulli, MD
Hospital of Treviso
A. P. Dei Tos, MD


Hyogo College of Medicine
Seiichi Hirota, MD
Graduate School of Medicine /
Osaka University
Toshirou Nishida, MD


Leiden University Medical Center
Frits van Coevorden, MD
Pancras Hogendoorn, MD
Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center
Jaap Verweij, MD
Dutch Soft Tissue Sarcoma Group
Bert Van Geel, MD


Norwegian Radium Hospital
Kirsten Sundby-Hall, MD


M. Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center
Piotr Rutkowski, MD


Institut Catala d’Oncologia
Andres Poveda, MD
Universitario de Son Dureta
Palma de Mallorca
Javier Martin, MD
Joan Maurel, MD
Rafael Ramos, MD


The Jubileum Institute /
Lund University
Thor Alvegard, MD


University of Berne
Louis Guillou, MD
Fondation du Centre pluri-
disciplinaire d’oncologie
Serge Leyvraz, MD



Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Birmingham, England
Ian Geh, MD
Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre
Birmingham, England
John Buckels, MD
David Peake, MD
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Cambridge, England
Nicholas Carroll, MD
Ramesh Bulusu, MD
Richard Hardwick, MD
Dudley West Midlands Prof. Ferry
Royal Marsden Hospital
London, England
Ian Judson, MD
Michelle Scurr, MD
University College Hospital
London, England
Beatrice Seddon, MD
Christie Hospital
Manchester, England
Michael Leahy, MD
Sarah O’Dwyer, MD
Professor Ranson
Freeman Hospital
Newcastle, England
Prof. Derek Manas (surgeon)
Mark Verrill, MD
John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford, England
Bryan Warren, MD
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Portsmouth, England
Simon Toh, MD (surgeon)
Western Park Hospital
Sheffield, England
Martin Robinson, MD
Prof. Penella Woll
Southampton General Hospital Neil Pearce, MD (surgeon)
Peter Simmonds, MD
University Hospital of Norths Staffs (Stoke) Duncan Beardsmore, MD (surgeon)
Belfast City Hospital
Belfast, Ireland
Martin Eatock, MD
Western Infirmary
Glasgow, Scotland
Paddy O’Dwyer, MD
Robin Reid, MD


Univ of Alabama at Birmingham
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Birmingham, AL
Martin Heslin, MD


City of Hope Cancer CenterLos Angeles,  CA I. Benjamin Paz, MD
Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center
Stanford,  CA
George A. Fisher, MD
Kristin Ganjoo, MD
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Santa Monica, CA

Bartosz Chmielowski, MD
Moores Cancer Center

La Jolla, CA

Jason Sicklick, MD


Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center
of Northwestern University
Chicago,  IL
Jeffrey D. Wayne, MD


Boston University School of Medicine
Boston,  MA
Karen Antman, MD


Dana-Farber / Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center
Boston,  MA
Long-distance consultations with these experts can be arranged through this link:
Partners Online Specialty Consultations
George Demetri, MD
Andrew Wagner, MD
Chandrajit Raut, MD
Monica Bertagnolli, MD
Suzanne George, MD
Jeffrey Morgan, MD
James Butyrinski, MD
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
at Johns Hopkins
Baltimore,  MD
David Ettinger, MD
University of Michigan
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ann Arbor,  MI
Ray Hutchinson, MD
Laurence Baker, MD
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
Durham,  NC
Douglas Tyler, MD


UNMC Eppley Cancer Center
at Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha,  NE
Aaron Sasson, MD


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon,  NH
Burton Eisenberg, MD


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York,  NY
Ephraim Casper, MD
Karen Schupak, MD
Robert Maki, MD
Ronald DeMatteo, MD(surgeon)
Samuel Singer, MD
Willliam Tap, MD
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo,  NY
William Kraybill, MD
John Gibbs, MD
Milind Javle, MD
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH
Brian Rubin, MD


Oregon Health & Science University
Portland,  OR
Michael Heinrich, MD
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia,  PA
Margaret von Mehren, MD


Massey Cancer Center

Richmond, VA

Sosipatros Boikos, MD
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Miami, FLA

Jonathan Trent, MD
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX
Dejka Araujo, MD
Peter Pisters, MD
Raphael Pollock, MD
Robert Benjamin, MD
Huntsman Cancer Institute
at the University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
R. Lor Randall, MD
Courtney Scaife, MD
Swedish Cancer Institute

Seattle, Washington

Min Park, MD