Sunday, November 26, 2006

Going Forward, Taking Opportunities

Roy and wife Carol live in Ireland. Roy developed GIST in the year 1998 (originally thought to be leiomyosarcoma). In this message Carol relates how cancer has given them and their young-adult children an increased appreciation of life and its opportunities......

This is probably a bit of a strange mail but I just wanted to share.

Our youngest son, Martyn, just sent us a text to say how proud he was to have us as his parents and how much he loves us.

Martyn is 21 and living in England (we live in Ireland). He has just applied for his visa to go to Australia with our daughter Wendy, who is 26. They are going for a 12-month working holiday and are really hoping to love it as much as they have dreamed so they can stay longer.

It was a huge decision for them as they were torn about being away from Roy in particular because of his health. But we encouraged them to go off. Roy remains stable and has a fabulous outlook on life.

My dad, the only Granddad they knew and loved very much, passed away two months ago and it brought them up short-because Wendy was there the day he was due to go back into the hospital after a night at home and was witness to him having had a mini stroke. She was so good with him, encouraging him to breath and chatting whilst the ambulance was on its way - all the time knowing that he knew his time was short. She saw him recover enough to go home to England but with a heavy heart. And it was Martyn who had the last proper conversation with Granddad before he died. Granddad told him all he wanted and prayed for was for Martyn to be happy in life and live it to the full. And he assured him that everything would work out just fine and not to forget his faith. They held hands and cried together - it was wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

And these two episodes were the catalyst that kick started them back into going forward.

Sometimes the curse of illness is we find ourselves putting off those things which we had planned 'just in case we might not feel up to it'. Not everything has to cost lots of money. Like us on Sunday, instead of walking locally we drove just 15 minutes up the road and had a picnic in the car with the dog - a howlilng wind held us there- but it was lovely. We wrapped up warm and walked up to the waterfall and back again.

So I want to share the pride I feel to be wife of Roy, mother to our 4 wonderful children (yes I am biased!!) and proud to be members of both support groups of incredible people - no, FRIENDS, across the globe. You never cease to amaze with your courage, positive attitudes, knowledge and love which you share so willingly: traits I wish for my children throughout their lives.

Carol and Roy Jones


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