Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Think its tough to commit to, train for, and participate in a 1000 mile bike ride?

Consider the seven GISTers who felt themselves healthy enough to commit to all or some part of this ride by March of this year. Five of them had to change their plans. Four had to abandon participation. Of those, one has been on sutent for five years and found that the impact on her body had just been too hard (she is with me in the picture on our first training ride). Two saw disease progression and had liver surgery. Both of those surgeries proved more difficult to recover from than anticipated. As it turned out, one of those women has already seen the disease return. One just had too many medical difficulties including adjustment to Gleevec. The last rider, who will participate, had to up her dose of Gleevec to a point where the side effects seriously inhibited her ability to participate at her desired level.

Being one of the two who will make it to the starting line with plans unchanged, riding 1000 miles starts to look easy.



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