Monday, July 30, 2007

We're in our last 2 weeks of training before THE RIDE. Our pattern has been to ride long at least twice per week, usually on weekends, with one or two short rides during the week as we are able to fit them in. This past weekend's riding was interupted by the aftermath of my latest CT scan. Apparently the combo of Gleevec and barium made for a very unhappy gut for a couple of days. But we managed a 20 mile ride on Friday and then a 70 mile ride on Saturday, after being inspired by the hopefully clean performances in the Tour de France time trial, (which just happened to be won by a local boy, Levi Leipheimer-very exciting!)
One more weekend of training for us before we leave to meet up with the PTMR in Brookings, Oregon for 5 days of riding down the California coast. We're stocked up on Cliff Bars, Powerbars, Aussie Bites, electrolyte drinks, spare tires and tubes, patch kits, assorted other spare parts, sunscreen, and lubricants. I think, I hope we're ready...



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