Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 10. Ft. Bragg to Bodega Bay.

Sorry for the delay in posting this but Bodega Bay is an internet-challenged area.

After a quick bit to eat, we set off for our longest, possibly toughest day - 107 miles with 7000 feet of climbing. Mike and I began riding with Jim driving SAG. The morning was cold and foggy, the road winding and rolling. Unfortunately the coastal views were obscured because of the fog, and the rollers more difficult to gauge since often the tops were not visible. Some of the rollers were really small hills, fairly long and a few were very steep! Later in the day the fog cleared and we were treated to some outstanding scenery. At one stop we exchanged glances with an otter, and saw several flocks of pelicans feeding. The entire day was along beautiful Hwy 1 and we crossed several rivers as they emptied into the Pacific.

Today I was hampered by a saddle sore and was quite ready to switch off with Jim at mile 46. Mike was good for about 70 miles today and then gratefully accepted a SAG the rest of the way into Bodega Bay. But today was Jim's day to fly. Within a few miles from Point Arena (our switching spot) he clocked 50.1 MPH down a steep roller; the fastest he has ever gone. He passed by the car in Gualala "in the zone" and we never saw him again until about 10 miles out from the end. In this climb-intensive day he averaged over 17 MPH for about 64 miles. (Of course now he is practically passed out in our motel room). But it was truly an impressive ride.

We are all icing our various sore areas in preparation for the final day tomorrow and our arrival into San Francisco. 72 more miles, a few more hills to climb and a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Something to look forward to and to be grateful for being able to do.



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