Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 9, 67.8 miles and 5200 ft of climbing. Completed.

As I write this, we are doing dueling blogging in the lobby and have a great time at it.

It started out as a day of wrong turns. I turned the wrong way right out of the parking lot. Genny caught me. We both made a wrong turn at the same sign coming up to 101, a major thoroughfare which runs from Oregon to Los Angeles. For my part, I came to the sign and it said 101 either way. As this was a two lane road and 101 even up here can be 4 lanes (though sometimes two slower lanes), so I thought it meant either way could get you to 101 when it actually meant you were on 101. Don't recall what caused Genny to go the wrong way. What I do know is that it happened at different times and I figured it out long before her, so she ended up spotting me a few miles (and still arrived at the meeting point at the same time as me).

Today we lived through the two of the most difficult climbs on the ride. I grunted and groaned up the first climb. First, counting my pedal strokes to keep my mind occupied. Then growling like a lion to show my strength (god only knows why I picked that to do). I whooped and hollered as I reached the top, realizing that this meant I was actually going to complete this ride (though short of the total mileage objective). In fact, I whooped and hollered about half way down the ten mile descent ("I'm going to do it; I'm really going to do it."

Having summited the tallest climb of the ride, the second climb was easier. Strangely, as I reached the coast, the coastal rollers got tough. Tomorrow is both the longest and most climbing of the ride. 107 miles and 7000 ft. Being where I am now, my goal being to exceed 900 miles, I'm planning on doing 85 of them. As for the rest, we'll see how I feel.

We're now seeing more other cyclists on the road. There is a website called "Crazy Guy on a Bike" or something like that where people post about their biking exploits. One couple named Andy and Amanda had been posting tales of their trip from Vancouver. Because they were touring without car support, we knew they were slower than us. Jim was really looking forward to catching up to them yesterday which we did. I think they were a little surprised that someone biking the same route was following their posts.

Two more biking days left. Hard to believe that this is actually being pulled off. We have gotten some nice thank you emails from Peter's mother and wife. I sent the one from his wife to both list serves.


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