Sunday, August 5, 2007

Diary of Day 1.

We left with much fan fare in a foggy Bremerton morning. Deanne and Gerald Snodgrass as well as Aunt Joy and Uncle David (from Eric J's side of the family) and cousin Jamie from Deanne J's side of the family cheered us out. To add to the hoopla, a reporter and a photographer from the Kitsap Sun were present. As she was taking about the 20th picture of me putting my front wheel on my bike (with the camera looking up at me and me fumbling, unable to get it on) I told her I now know how Lance Armstrong must feel. She responded by letting me know that when he rides, there are about 50 photographers capturing his movements.

For the most part, it was an easy day. If you can imagine a 100 mile ride as a warm up, this was it. Climbing turned out to be a total of 2900 feet (differing from the original estimate of 2300) and mileage was 102.4 (a little longer than planned mileage because of a missed turn). My total time on the bike was 7 hrs 52 minutes and 9 hours total for the ride. My mph was 13.0.

Andy Johnson proved that any strapping young buck with long legs and a lanky body can be the hare. He did the same ride in a total of 7 hours at 15.3 mph for approximately 6 hours and 35 minutes on the bike.

It takes someone really special to be the tortoise. Its easy to bike 100 miles if you can get your butt off of that seat in 6 1/2 hours. Try it for almost 8 hours. It is painful. Plus when you arrive, the hare is already showered!

In all seriousness, the day's most impressive ride came from Deanne Johnson. Shortest of the three who did the full 100 (Andy, Deanne, and Mike) she completed the ride in 8 hours 15 minutes over 14 mph and if memory serves 7 hours 12 minutes on the bike. She was ecstatic at making her goal of doing her first century.

Aside from the stats, which I am really putting in for me to keep track of how I am doing on a personal level, we had a wonderful day. The fog kept things nice and cool until the end of the ride. The mapping of Jim Fitch was superb. We were quite concerned because today involved a lot of in town turns but the maps were dead on. The only problem with mapping came because one street sign was down. Eric and Erica kept us well supplied.

I did fall, the result of being unable to clip out on an uphill when I did not gear down soon enough, did so too quickly, and chain came off. For those that don't bike who are old enough to remember, this looks a little like that guy from Laugh In who would ride his tricycle, stop, and then go over. This happens because your feet are literally clipped into your pedals because of the shoes and if you can't get out in time, you just fall over because you cannot put your foot down to block your fall. Other than falling on a shoulder which I had fallen on two weeks earlier in a more serious fall and reigniting that pain, everything was fine.

With Andy sacked out and the four of us drained, all we could do for dinner was walk across the street to Subway.

I was lame at picture taking today (took but one) and am tired, so I'll skip the picture for today.



Cameron Bennett said...

Great work 100 down and only a few more to go.
Deanne...get out your can of whupass!
Eric, how did you get stuck driving sag? I want to see some pain!
Good job Andy, way to take charge.
Erica...where are the martini's when you need them most?,

P.S. Eric, the brisket turned out quite tasty, I will not use as much dry rub next time, too salty. I was a bit liberal with the Pappy's but no one told me the food was bad and there are but few left overs to prove the point. As for ribs, what about the deep fried version? Huh! no I got you thinkin.

Cameron, over and out.

August 5, 2007 8:59 PM  

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