Saturday, August 4, 2007

It is really happening. And smoothly. It was a beautiful day leaving the Bay Area. I found it quite strange NOT to be going for an all day ride up in the hills. I got to the airport extra early because the last time I took a one way flight, I got extra scrutiny. Not today. I breezed through and waited for two hours.

As I got off the airplane, I could not help but think of the sky divers who say words to the effect of, "I cannot believe that I am jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. " So too, I felt, I cannot believe it took an airplane only two hours to do what I am going to do in ten days.

Deanne and Gerald Snodgrass picked me up at the airport. We took the ferry to Bremerton on a beautiful northwest day. The picture is of Gerald and Deanne on the ferry.

I arrived with feeling of relief and happiness to see the Johnson truck which carried my fellow riders (who I call the Johnson Four) and my bike.



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