Saturday, August 11, 2007

This morning we woke to fog and mist and as predicted, low 50's-perfect riding weather! After breakfast Mike and I got started, leaving from our motel in Brookings, while Jim drove SAG. We went south on 101 and eventually began to wind through gently rolling farmland, where the crop of choice appeared to be Trumpet Lilies. (At least this is the "legal" crop of choice in this area of the country.) After about 10 miles we said goodby to Oregon and hello to California. Interestingly the state signposts are heavily decorated with graffiti from passing bicycle tourists.
As we continued south we rode past Pelican Bay State Prison, the highest security prison in California, just north of Crescent City. The coastline in this area is beautiful, rocky and rugged. I spotted a variety of seabirds and could hear the sea lions barking on rocky outcroppings offshore.
South of Crescent City we climbed what Mike described as the largest hill thus far on the ride-three miles long and about 1200 feet-up into the fog. Then we had an exciting descent down into the town of Klamath,where we ate lunch.
Leaving Klamath, Jim rode and I drove SAG. Mike and Jim almost immediately faced another climb, this one about 1000 feet in two pitches. This took us into Humboldt-Redwoods State and National Park. The route wound through some really BIG trees and we spotted 2 herds of native Elk. Then we were back on the coast all the way down to McKinleyville and the finish for today.

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Johnson Family said...

Excellent postings from the three of you! It's as if we are still there with you. Thanks for the great descriptors of the conditions and views. We wish you strong legs and lungs for the remainder of days. It is beautiful here today, so I am guessing you are having a sunny day of riding up there.
In case you aren't looking, GSI (Marina)is posting your blogs each day on the website and encouraging others to visit the blogspot.
XOXO Deanne and family

August 12, 2007 11:05 AM  

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