Sunday, September 2, 2007

Epilogue: Recovery

I begin writing this in the very early morning of Sunday, September 2, 2007. I woke up this morning (Saturday, September 1, 2007) feeling something I have not felt in a while: energy! As has happened to me in surgical recoveries, I started to think, "oh, this is what it feels like to be normal." This tells me that my body has, or is well on its way to, real recovery.

All but my knees. They still hurt quite a bit when I go up and down stairs, but it was much better than during the ride or a few weeks ago. Before I do this again, I'll definitely need to do some research to try and prevent, reduce what happened this time.

The days right after the ride reminded me of surgical recovery though a lot easier. Originally, I had planned to go to work on Thursday, the day after the ride. For those reading this who have had GIST or other major surgery, it was more like surgical recovery, only faster. I'm sure you remember those days, when you woke up, full of energy, and by the time you made it to the den, lacked the energy to watch television or pick up a book. Well, it wasn't near that bad. But, I found I'd left a pack in Jim and Genny's car, went to meet them in Berkeley and when I arrived home by about 11:00 am, grudgingly admitted that I was done for the day.

Today, I actually felt both like getting on my bike and that my knees, though still not back to normal, could probably take a short ride! Unfortunately, some other health issues (standard, GIST/surgery related stuff for me) as I was getting ready and I felt it best not to ride. Got a good chance I will go after a night's sleep.


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