Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 3.

What a luxury. We didn't bother with breakfast until 8:30. And when we did, we got to some serious calorie intake with waffles, eggs, bacon and more. The Johnsons took the tram up to OHSU. I drove the SAG truck up Pill Hill. We started out from OHSU. I particularly enjoyed riding through OHSU and felt really strong doing that particularly as I have yet to be there as a patient. Even at DF, I was basically there to establish a relationship rather than in need of expert advice.

I'd say we're all definitely feeling the effects. I was surprised at how hard I found today's 60 miles. 10.9 MPH, 5 hours and 38 minutes on the bike. I botched resetting my altimiter, so we'll go with the stated of about 2100 ft. Had some nice downhilling. At times, the route looked like Kansas. I had two flats at the end of the day and took a SAG in when I had my second flat, 4 miles from the end of the day, no tube, and knowing I had been the tortoise and everyone had been waiting for an extended period. I've had three flats on the same tire in two days, so I'm trying a new tire tomorrow to address that issue.

And, while we may be calorically challenged, I'll confirm for Ron that we are indeed using sun screen. We were better about the calorie issue today. When we do sit down to eat, we are all amazed at how much we eat. The nice thing about this much exercise, is that assuming weight is your only concern, not only can you eat whatever you want, but you can eat as much of it as you like.

And, no surprises, I continue to demonstrate that I must have the strongest butt by remaining on the bike longer than anyone during the day. Andy continues to ride strong as the hare. More tomorrow.