Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 8 102 Miles; 4000 ft scheduled; 74 miles, 3200 ft completed by MWP. 11.1 MPH. 6 hrs 40 minutes in the saddle.

An absolutely superb day. Weather was spectacular. Not to hot. Not too cold (well, except for the early morning). Just right. Little wind.

Genny and I pedaled through mostly flat terrain in the morning from McKinleyville CA through Ferndale (cattle farms and cornfields) to Rio Dell. Jim then began riding (with Genny driving) and we arrived at what may be the best part of the ride: the Avenue of the Giants (Redwoods). The weather was just perfect for the ride through the Avenue.

Unfortunately for me, my body again sent me signals to stop around mile 75. For those who don't read our list serve, symptoms oft get described, so I'll go into some detail here. Basically, yesterday about that point in the ride, I got nauseous and vomited a little. As it was not particularly hot and I had been adequately hydrated, I ascribed it possibly to lunch, to the cumulative effect of the riding (as of today, I am at 698 miles) or changes in my body to the cumulative exercise along with a differing reaction to Gleevec as a result of the changes. I started feeling some nausea again today and did not see much benefit to pedaling until I vomited again. So I stopped early. I don't think Novartis will be doing much of a study on this as of course, for now, Gleevec is a huge success for me and most people who take it even if it is the cause of my nausea after seven days of extended bike riding. I think my doctors would simply say, "hey lunkhead, if all that biking is making you nauseous, don't bike so much."

I'm still hoping to clear 900 miles. 1000 miles was doable with some simple changes. First, a route with less climbing. Second, a few entire days for rest rather than half days. I think everyone who rides a bike with any seriousness appreciates the amazing feats professional riders accomplish with their speed. I now feel like I have unique insight into their endurance. It is amazing.

My loss turned into Genny's gain as I drove SAG and she pedaled through the Avenue of the Giants with Jim. We stopped at the drive through tree for pictures which Genny posted. We were concerned about dinner fearing McKinnleyville, the town we were in, was so small and it was Sunday, that nothing would be open. To the contrary, we scored big time at a cajun restaurant.