Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday August 10.

Eric kindly drove me about 15 miles to the starting point for today before heading back to pack up and start the long drive home.

I did not think it could happen but the weather and the scenery were even better today than yesterday. Though brisk in the early morning, the sun did warm things up and make for a wonderful day. At times, with the weather, I could not tell whether I was on the Oregon Coast, Hawaii, a New England fishing village or the mediterranean!

I completed about 90 miles and 6000 feet of climbing. Had a potential problem when I left Port Orford. I had not checked my water supply because, based on mileage and my hyrdration rate, I should have had plenty left. Not. Apparently I had been drinking much faster than normal (probably the sun). More than 25 miles to the next town (Gold Coast). F0rtunately, there was a picnic ground only 5 miles up the coast. I also planned on eating in between the two towns. Believe it or not, there was a dinosaur place for the kids with large plastic replicas but, alas, no restaurant until Gold Coast! When I got there, I had a burger, a coke, cottage cheese and was on my way.

With 10 miles to go, at about mile 90, an oasis appeared in the form of Genny Fox and Jim Fitch. I was very happy to see them. So happy, in fact, that I went ahead and took the sag in the last 10 miles as Genny offered.

We've enjoyed a great Italian dinner with 2 desserts for the 3 of us. I remain calorically challenged and they are trying to stave it off.

Among other things, Genny brought an ice bag which is now resting on my knees. Other than sore knees, I seem to be doing well. Emotionally I feel fine. Today was great riding and hopefully it will continue tomorrow.

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