Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow. I can hardly believe it. I have now completed my last two training rides for PTMR and, by this time next week, will hopefully be sleeping peacefully at the end of our first day!

I drove up to Diamond Springs, CA last night and rode with Deanne and Eric Johnson today. Erica and Andy slept. It was a beautiful and short ride (about 20 miles) in which I established myself bona fides as the tortoise of the ride. As I am fond of saying, the tortoise finished!

My bike and equipment are now with the Johnsons. Eric is driving the gear up to Bremerton on Friday. Eric is a former Marine and is appropriately enmeshed in organizing the logistics. They are continuing to train this week.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a moderate and excellent ride (about 40 miles) with my friend, Jay Strauss. Just a great day, all in all.

All in all, a great final week of training. It was really nice to be tempering my mileage and hill climbing after the grueling riding of the last few months.