Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 2. Part 2.

Deanne, Erica, Andy, and I were absolutely blown away at the reception we got at OHSU. We got off the elevator to a big sign saying "Welcome Riders" and a group of people clapping for us. I don't think people who know me say this happens very often, but, well, I had nothing to say!

We enjoyed the company of Chris Corless, Mike Heinrich and about 1/3 of their lab in addition to other GISTers, their family members, and friends of all. At some point, I did recover, and when it got around to giving remarks, I took my nightly dose of Gleevec in the presence of the very people who linked it to GIST! As I remarked, what a cool job they have where they could get us to do all this biking on their behalf. And, as I also remarked, if we can do that, curing GIST should be no problem for them.

All in all, a wonderful evening and event that gave us all emotional fuel for the next phase of our journey.