Friday, August 10, 2007

Well today Jim and I drove up to Brookings, Oregon to join Mike for the last 5 days of the ride. Midway, in Yreka, California, we met with the Johnson family to transfer support supplies from their vehicle to ours. They looked tan and fit and were enthused by the good times and challenges that they experienced during their 5 days of riding.

We arrived in Brookings a bit ahead of Mike, who was still en route from Coos Bay. Brookings is a neat little town on a drop-dead gorgeous coastline. It appears to be quite a touristy place on weekends. This evening Mike, Jim and I enjoyed a delicious dinner complete with plenty of carb replenishment for Mike, and carb loading for Jim and I in anticipation of the riding tomorrow.

The route tomorrow has two significant climbs and a lot of "rollers." The weather appears to be perfect, low 50's to mid 60's. We may even have a tailwind. We are pretty excited to get started!

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