Friday, August 10, 2007

We are on our way home after taking Mike to the appointed ride start up Seven Devil's Hill near Coos Bay. He is very determined to finish what he started with all 1000 miles under his belt. We are cheering him on with even more energy today, as we now understand what a difficult undertaking that will be. Luckily, getting back into the saddle today was easier for him as this is the first morning with sunshine to greet us. Hopefully, last night's celebration dinner won't be too much of a drag on Mike. We did ingest heavily on all accounts. (Fabulous restaurant in Coos Bay if you are ever here - Bennitti's Italian!! Great martinis, pasta sauces, fish, etc...)
We will meet Jim and Genny on the road to change SAG vehicles and pass on the gear for them to finish the ride with Mike and two others. They will be doing a celebration ride over the Golden Gate bridge on Wed. Aug 15 . (The first day of school for me!)
Tonight, we should be back in our own home stretching body parts and deciding what to do with our weird tans. I (Deanne) will be putting together a newsletter including more photos to send to all our terrific support team back home.