Friday, August 10, 2007

Report for Thursday Aug. 9, 2007.

Well, to the extent the days are not all merging into one, Thursday was a great day. The weather was sweet. I originally thought that we would have sunshine on the first two days (inland) and foggy wet coastal weather the rest. So far, its been the reverse. Perfect weather. The coast was beautiful as were many of the back roads we took. Some nice downhills as well. Also really nice was highway 101 which runs from at least Oregon to Los Angeles, if not from Washington. In particular in Oregon while somewhat busy, the road has a good shoulder and because it was a main road, the hills were moderate grade so were an easier climb. The commercial traffic lessened as we got further down the coast. Mobile homes became the thing to look out for. One in particular pulled a hummer behind it!

We did about 86 miles, taking the cutoff to the hotel and making the day short (I'm finding that easier as you'll see in my next post). Climbing was about 3000 feet. I got off to an early start about an hour ahead of the group. Andy quickly overtook me. Not to be outdone, I did the intelligent thing: stopped along the road for a full breakfast so that everyone else could pass me. Sometimes the hotels have great breakfasts, sometimes not. This time not, so I had waffles, eggs, and bacon. And it was good. The only problem: getting started back up again.

As I got into the hotel, Deanne was finishing up an interview with a reporter. I was next complete with shots of me riding around the parking lot. As I did not see the interview last night or this morning, I assume it did not play.

The real highlight of the evening was a wonderful dinner in Coos Bay, with the Johnsons getting ready to leave. Just an outstanding end to their trip and a wonderful celebration of their success in this event. Great company, great food, great drinks. We all had a great time. I miss them. I guess that is the best way to end the Thursday report.