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Privacy Policy

Open Membership; No Screening of Participants in Exchanges on List Server. GSI maintains an open membership policy, which means that anyone can register and participate in the exchanges that occur through email messages distributed by our mailing list. We request that our members respect the privacy of other members with regard to information included in email messages distributed through our mailing list. We are unable, however, to control or predict exactly what other members do with information they receive electronically, and some may divulge the information you share – including but not limited to your name, email address and other identifying information – to unrelated third parties.

Free Access to Website. In accordance with our open membership policy, all information on our website is freely available to anyone with access to the internet. Please keep this in mind in considering whether to volunteer to have any information you provide displayed on our website.

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No Data Security. No internet transmission is ever 100% secure or error-free and, as noted above, it is possible that members may not respect each others’ privacy with regard to information conveyed in postings on our list server. You should take special care in deciding what information you choose to disclose in emails posted on our list server or volunteer to have reproduced on our website.


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