Bicycle Duty

by Kel Moore

Seems I’ll be released on Friday, after a week long stay at the St. Louis Barnes Hospital for a large colon resection, that has had a very successful outcome. Scar tissue, mutation spot (unknown exon), inactive exon 9 mass were all successfully removed, making a rather large bag of  human material worthless to anyone other than for its scientific analysis value to aid us, perhaps.

I’m fairly beat-up on the muscular side, in low spirits from the experience preparations, drained from my personal sacrificies in the past 2 months, but! it will get better from here without any doubt, because I know the immediate and instanteous improvements one makes in great strides, following a surgical event.  After the initial Sept 06 surgery, I improved at a pace above exceptional. The odds are more than slight to my favor now and I hope to be in the best health soon, better than I have been, for the past 18 months and with the longest life sustaining possible without changing med therapy (which may always lead to excessive unknowns).

I know surgery is a fear and block in everyone’s mind…  It will always take a hidden strength within and beyond where I place myself (only my dearest friends and family remind me I am the Clint Eastwood of Dads), but please, hear this from one person who being very spiritual, very holistic in treatment, very capable of taking medical matters in my own hands and learning well… very informed with the process…  Excision is the gold standard for GIST. Until there is something better, plan a best event for, or sieze a surgical opportunity when it is totally right!

You will know when it is right, because your beloved, or dearest Family or someone you most admire, will remind you how ‘we need you, we love you, we miss you’. My three-year-old Grandaughter asked me to be healthy for her, so I will. When she visited at the Hospital she was silent, quiet, calmer than I have ever seen her. I could see inside she was afraid, yet is too young to understand why that is so? Why be so afraid of Papa laying around in bed wearing a light cotton dress with messy hair, unshaven, looking tired? I’ll explain it all to her, in ten years when she can make more sense of it. For now, I just want to do my job and return home, throw on a heavy coat and go outside and play on the bicycles with her, as I should be doing (smile).

Much Love, Peace and Happiness, and may my giving thanks include you All,