My Christmas Tree: It’s Still Up!

by Lois Weber


Though  it will soon be April, I still have my tree up.  Actually I had a real tree, and after Christmas I told my kids I hated to take it down,just in case it would be the last one I see. I went away for a weekend, and  when I came back my daughter had taken down the real tree and replaced it with a beautiful 8-foot artificial tree.

On this tree are so many memories of  my childrens’ lives, ornaments I bought when they took ballet lessons,  their Garfield/dolphin stages, their first cars, the ornments they made in kindergarten, etc. etc.

I love it.  When their birthdays came around I bought a Happy Birthday banner and it became a birthday tree, and when Easter gets here i just may slap a bunny on it to make it an Easter tree.

It doesn’t  matter as my ornaments are still there reminding me of all that I have  been given, and when I am sick and am down and wonder if this is the end of  my life here I can still manage a smile when i look at my tree.  It comforts me when I need comforting.

Yes, when people come to my house they give  me a strange look but I don’t care! I love my tree of  memories!