Shining Lights

by William Arrington

Once again his wisdom shone when Mel stated:
"So now, and for the time being, GISTers are still faced with personal choices, potential treatment alternatives, and skimpy statistical risk/benefit ratios in the face of insufficient studies….  None of us are infallible, but we have a well meaning interest and sincere investment in each other on this rather unique and special List….   So, add your voice if you can.  There is, I think, no such thing as a  stupid question, opinion  or observation of this LIST.  Let us share our  thoughts, our hunches, and impressions as fellow patients…. When we shine our little lights for each other, as fellow patients here on GSI,  we are no longer alone – even in the dark."
(quoted excerpts from post by Mel Heller)

I could have quoted the entire thing as it said so much.  However the last point quoted really meant a lot to me.  In it I imagined being in a room that had no windows in it.  This room had no lights turned on at all.  The room could have been totally empty or totally filled with people.  However being so dark even your hand in front of your face was not visible.  Then somewhere in the room imagine a single person striking a match and lighting a small candle.  It isn’t a tremendous amount of light, but in a totally dark room it would be amazing how much light it does offer.  Then others would light their tiny candles and, as this continued, the room would at least have a little more familiarity.  We could start moving around in it. Oh, we might not know how everything looks exactly.  We wouldn’t be able to see the ceiling, and we might stumble because we didn’t see something on the floor. We can start seeing a bit though, and at least make some decisions. 

So yes, we are still much in the dark but far less because of everyone who holds up their light.  Every question is a good one and everyone’s successes and, yes even failures, teach us all.  We learn through sharing.  Nothing is guaranteed but at least we can make better informed decisions and ask better questions.  This list group has helped me a lot and is very much appreciated.

Bill (5-0)