The Very Best Doctors

by Bev Shirts


The very best Doctors will WELCOME a patient or caregiver who wants to seek a second opinion.

No matter how "expert" the physicians, they are only human. As humans, they CAN make mistakes, or miss something. Some patients prefer to put their total trust in one doctor, and I certainly understand that feeling. For one thing, it reduces the tremendous stress of dealing with cancer.

My personal opinion is that patients (or caregivers) should also follow their "gut." If something feels wrong to you, I applaud questioning the reasons behind ANY MD’s decisions, and asking them questions. If the answers still leave "that funny feeling" inside of you, SEEK A SECOND OPINION, OR A THIRD!

Good doctors know that a patient or caregiver who wants a second opinion is not insulting them. Good doctors know that another set of eyes may spot something they missed, or have a different trial or drug available. I know patients who have seen BOTH Demetri and Blanke, for example, and both doctors welcomed the second set of eyes. Their feelings were not hurt, because it is not about THEM or their egos, it is about WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PATIENT.

It’s your body, and it’s YOUR life. Certainly, having faith in your doctor is a good thing! It is also a good thing to seek other opinions and have as many brilliant heads working on your unique case as you can afford.

I am treated by Dr. Blanke, and I respect and trust him. If the time ever comes when I want to see George Demetri, or a doctor at MSKCC, or FCCC, or MDA, he will support that decision completely and cooperate in any way possible.

That’s my 2 cents. Never hesitate to seek that second opinion. If your "gut" tells you that you should, then do it.