What I Can Do with GIST

by H. Marvin Wilson


This message is to those newly diagnosed or anxious about life with  GIST.

Let me say that it is OK to be a little frightened when told you have Cancer.  I remember the feeling when I got the news, and wondered how this was going to affect me and my life.  I had never heard of GIST, and immediately my wife and I were on our computers, trying to find out something about it.  I will say that now there is a lot more information than there was in 2002, but there is still a lot to learn.
I want to share a bit of encouragement if I may in a positive way.  I will start off with a quote from Coach John Wooden, who said:

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  

I will use the first person and tell you what I can do with GIST:

  • I can enjoy life with my wife of 52 years.
  • I can watch my children and grandchildren mature and anticipate great grandchildren soon
  • I can pray for others who are facing GIST or other diseases and or  hardships.
  • I can encourage others who may be searching for a kind word or hope, through GSI or other ways.
  • I can work and contribute to a scholarship with the salary I earn.
  • I can worship with others in my Church and share with others worldwide through our ministries.
  • I can travel and learn about other places like Israel, where we visited last year.
  • I can mow my neighbors’ lawn when they are sick with flu.
  • I can offer sympathy when a friend or relative has lost a loved one.
  • I can walk with other survivors in our Relay For Life.
  • I can enjoy watching a play at our local Theater, where we have season tickets.
  • I can watch my favorite sports teams, and enjoy them winning
  • I can grow a garden and enjoy the fruits and vegetables it produces, while they improve my health and raise my spirits.

I cannot seem to remember what it is I cannot do… 
Oh yeah, I cannot eat Grapefruit, or take Tylenol with Gleevec.

I hope this helps a little.

H. Marvin Wilson,  Loganville, GA