Stories of Strength

Our GISTmates describe herein some of the trials and tribulations of their encounters with GIST. They are of particular value to us because they speak, among other things, to the post-traumatic residue of the emotional stress that we often carry unwittingly as survivors-in-jeopardy during our ongoing battles with GIST.

By actively re-visiting, re-telling and writing down our stories, in our own words, in our own terms, and in our own good time, we can often drain off some of the “undigested” emotional traumas to which we were exposed. This process of so called “abreaction” is a normal way of belatedly coping with post-traumatic anxieties that accumulate as sources of stress. Over a period of time, keeping and sharing our personal journals, and re-telling and sharing our stories, can often help us to get hold of ourselves and provide a healthier perspective and view of the road than might be achieved by booze or tranquilizing pills.


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