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GIST Patient Organizations
GIST Fundraising Organizations
Sarcoma Links
Cancer Links
Specific Problem Links
Assistance Links
Professional Organizations
Hospice and End-of-Life Care
Government Educational Websites
Clinical Trials Links

Nutrition and Supplements Links

For links specifically related to adolescents and young people with cancer, see Links for Young Patients.

GIST Patient Organizations

GIST Alliance for patients-Bulgaria Bulgarian group
Contact Groep GIST Dutch group
Das Lebenshaus German group
Ensemble contre le GIST French group
GIST Support UK  United Kingdom group
GIST Uruguayla e-mail to Uruguayan group
Global GIST Network network of GIST groups
Gastrointestinalis Stroma Tumor Hungarian GIST Group
Japanese Exchange for GIST Patients Japanese Group
Japanese Study Group on GIST Japanese Group
L’Associazione Italiana GIST, A.I.G Italian Group
Liferaft Group US Group
Polish GIST Society Polish group
GIST Selbsthilfegruppe Schweiz Swiss group


GIST Fundraising Organizations

GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation  


Sarcoma Links

Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative  
Sarcoma Foundation of America  
Sarcoma UK  
Sarcoma Alliance  


Cancer Links

American Cancer Society  
Cancer Education  
Cancer Guide (Steve Dunn's site)  
Cancer Information Network (from American Society of Clinical Oncology)  
Cancervive, Inc.  
Care Pages  
Caring Bridge  
Can't Stomach Cancer (a site for non-GIST cancer of the stomach)  
Family Care Research Program  
Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer  


Specific Problem Links

American Chronic Pain Association  
Drug3k Online Drug  Encyclopedia Drug Interactions Checker  
Home Health Care Agencies  
International Adhesions Society  
Short Bowel Syndrome  
United Ostomy Association  


Assistance Links

Drug Cost Assistance

ACCC Reimbursement Hotlines  
Chronic Disease Fund  
Co-Pay Relief Program via Patient Advocate Foundation  
Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP)
through The MAX Foundation

Novartis Oncology  The Reimbursement Hotline (1-800-282-7630)  will be able to provide assistance with the reimbursement process for Novartis products.

Novartis Patient Assistance Program (PAP) 1-800-282-7630  
Partnership for Prescription Assistance  1-888-477-2669  
Patient Access Network Foundation  
Patient Assistance Now  1-800-245-5356  
Patient Services, Inc.  
Pfizer FirstResource (for Sutent) and Sutent Patient Call Center 1-877-578-8368  
HealthWell Foundation (for anemia/neutropenia dugs)  
Needy Meds  
REACH program for Nexavar  
Together Rx Access  1-800-444-4106  


Government Social Services

Social Security Disability  


Medical Transportation and Treatment Lodging Assistance

Angel Flights for Cancer  

Corporate Angel Network

Joe's House  
Hope Lodge  
LifeLine Pilots  
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses  
National Patient Travel Center  


General Assistance

Benefits CheckUp  
Consumer Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance  
Patient Access Network Foundation  
Patient Advocate Foundation  


Professional Organizations

American Association for Cancer Research  
American College of Surgeons  
American College of Surgeons Oncology Group  
American Institute for Cancer Research  
American Society of Clinical Oncology  
Children's Oncology Group  
Connective Tissue Oncology Society  
European Organization for Treatment and Research for Cancer  
European Society for Medical Oncology  
National Comprehensive Cancer Network  
Society of Surgical Oncology  
Southwest Oncology Group  


Hospice and End-of-Life Care

Medline Plus:  Hospice Care  
National Cancer Institute:  Hospice  
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization  
Hospice Foundation of America  
National Association for Home Care and Hospice  
list of Hospice organizations for hospice care  
Caring Connections  
"Living with Grief:   When Illness is Prolonged" Kenneth Doka (editor)  
"Living with Grief:  Children, Adolescents, and Loss"  Kenneth Doka (editor)  
"How We die:  Reflections on Life's Final Chapter" by Sherwin Nuland  


Government Educational Websites

National Cancer Institute  
National Library of Medicine  
NCBI's Biomedical Book Collection  
NIH Genetics Home Reference  
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man  
Tumor Microenvironment Network (from National Cancer Institute)  


Clinical Trials Links

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups clinical trials page  
EmergingMed Clinical Trials Matching & Referral Service  
IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal  
National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials page  
National Institutes of Health page  


Nutrition and Supplements Links

Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health (fact sheets on supplements)  
American Institute for Cancer Research  (nutrition & cancer)  
 Medline Plus page on Herbs and Supplements  
Memorial Sloan-Kettering page on Herbs and Botanicals  


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