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GIST Imagery
GIST imaging papers on CT, PET, etc.
These papers discuss imaging techniques, appearance of GIST for diagnostic purposes, changes in GIST appearance for monitoring progress during drug treatment, and similar issues.
Familial GIST
These papers discuss the rare cases of GIST that "runs in families" due to a germline mutation in all cells. This means that the first mutation step toward GIST has already been taken. A few of these papers are free-access in PubMed.
GIST and NF1
These papers discuss the association between GISTs and neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1). GIST is more frequent in persons with the NF1 gene than in the general population, with at least 7% of the NF1 group developing GIST. Two of these papers are free-access via PubMed (as indicated by the green top on the little tan "pages" icon to the left of the citation). The paper by Corless, Fletcher and Heinrich can be accessed free through the Heinrich-Corless Labs website (listed on separate page for Free-Access GIST Publications).
Pediatric GIST
These papers address GIST in patients 0-18 years old.
Carney Triad
Carney triad is a group of three types of tumors: GIST, pulmonary chondromas, and extra-adrenal paraganglioma. Most patients are female, aged 10 to 30 years when the first symptom appears. It may take many years for the second or third elements of the triad to become apparent.

By special permission of Dr. Carney, Dr. Appleman, and the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the following two papers about Carney Triad are available on the GIST Support International website:

J. Aidan Carney (1999). Gastric stromal sarcoma, pulmonary chondroma, and extra-adrenal paraganglioma (Carney Triad): natural history, adrenocortical component, and possible familial occurrence. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 74(6): 543-552.

Henry D. Appleman (1999). The Carney Triad: a lesson in observation, creativity, and perseverance. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 74(6): 638-640.
GIST review or tutorial papers
These are summary papers about GIST and its treatment.
Imatinib (Gleevec) pharmacokinetics
These journal papers describe how Gleevec acts within the body, variables that affect blood levels of the drug, interactions with other drugs, and similar topics.
Imatinib and skin side effects
This PubMed search identifies papers and letters decsribing skin reactions to Gleevec, including rashes of differing severity.
Imatinib and hepatitis
This PubMed search yields papers and letters decribing hepatitis induced by Gleevec (not restricted to GIST patients).
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