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2007 NCCN Task Force on GIST

Posted by Julie Royster (juliecontent) on Sep 09 2007
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The National Comprehensive Care Network ( has just published an important new document:
"NCCN Task Force Report: Optimal Management of Patients with GIST -- Update of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines."

This is a long (40-page pdf) and detailed guidelines booklet written by a panel of experts.  It contains plenty of useful information to guide oncologists in treatment of GIST, plus details such as drug interactions and side effects of special concern to patients.

Click here to download the new guidelines from the NCCN site.

A free-access webcast by Dr. Margaret von Mehren about the updated 2007 NCCN Task Force Report on GIST is available on Medscape.  You need to complete a free registration to access Medscape, and then another registration to view the CME activity about GIST, but this is simple.  LINK HERE for this valuable webcast summarizing what is currently known about GIST and its treatment.

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