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Adjuvant Imatinib in Europe

Posted by Julie Royster (juliecontent) on May 09 2009
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As detailed in a Novartis press release, the European Commission has appproved adjuvant imatinib in GIST patients with significant risk of recurrence.

In March the European Medicines Agency had recommended approval for use of imatinib (Glivec or Gleevec) for adjuvant use (prescription to prevent recurrence after successful surgical resection of primary GIST) for patients with an intermediate or high risk of recurrence.  Specifically the opinion stated the following:

"Glivec is indicated for the adjuvant treatment of adult patients who are at significant risk of relapse following resection of Kit (CD117)-positive GIST. Patients who have a low or very low risk of recurrence should not receive adjuvant treatment."

In the United Kingdom the health care agency NICE followed suit by also approving adjuvant imatinib for GIST patients with the same risk conditions (see link).

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