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Posted by Julie Royster (juliecontent) on Mar 16 2010
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by Anna Costato, chairwoman of L'Associazione Italiana GIST

The  European Soceity for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Conference on Sarcoma and GIST took place in Milan, Italy on 9-10 March, 2010. GIST sections were held on Tuesday morning from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, then from 5:30 to 6:30 pm a GIST section on adjuvant therapy was discussed. Doctors Paolo G. Casali (Italy),  A. Paolo Dei Tos (Italy) and Jean-Yves Blay (France)were Co-Chairs of the meeting.

The GIST program was as follows:


9:00 How to diagnose, R. Sciot, from Belgium

9:15 How to predict, M. Debiec Rychter, Belgium

9:30 How to treat the localized disease, P. Hohenberger, Germany

9:45 How to treat the advanced disease, J. Trent, US

10:00 How to manage therapy, S. George, US



11:00 Advances in understanding functional imaging, J. Yap, US

11:15 Advances in non-KIT signaling, C. Antonescu, US

11:30 Advances in secondary resistance mechanisms, J. Fletcher, US

11:45 Advances in experimental drugs, G. Demetri, US

(12:00 Advances in molecular modeling, S. Pricl, Italy : this lecture was skipped as the doctor could not make it to the meeting)



17:30 How to indicate the adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy, P. Reichardt, Germany

17:45 How to use adjuvant therapy across mutations and risks, M. von Mehren, US


ESMO people I spoke with said that all slides will be published in their website as early as Monday, March 15.  Today I rang up ESMO office and I was told that they are having a slight delay: slides will be published in the next few days, probably within this week, under the following link:

From the names of the presenters you can read above, it was clear that all the worldwide Gist experts were together. This was impressive in itself, but I was glad to learn from an attending doctor that there were pre-meetings among all speakers on Sunday and Monday, March 7-8, before the starting of the conference. Those were quite interesting as all doctors had a chance to meet together  to freely and fully discuss many important items about new agents. Pity that was not public! 

I spoke to Dr. Paolo G. Casali and asked for his impression after the meeting: he said that this ESMO conference was successful with an added value given by associating biology and clinic in the management of sarcoma and GIST. He was also quite pleased to tell me that they had been expecting about 200 doctor participants from all over Europe but in fact attendance was 30 percent higher, with actually 300 oncologists, surgeons and  pathologists from many countries!  One encouraging facet of this event is the fact that the GIST worldwide medical community is relatively small, but so strongly and closely cooperating, so that any important fact or discovery is soon shared to the benefit of patients!

A couple of items that were announced in the welcome speech were about

1) a so called “ESMO community” that can be accessed thought the links below and that was created to improve communication among experts:


Bottom, right:

Get involved, stay connected:

Join myESMO community today


How to get started:


2) Attention was drawn on  the topic called EUROPEAN ACTION AGAINST RARE CANCERS.  Esmo are engaged in improving the European legal framework regarding rare cancers, overcoming many obstacles that today are representing dramatic problems for patients and their oncologists, such as the problems surrounding the use of “Off Label” therapies.  The call to action can be signed by all parties everywhere in the world who are willing to help this initiative (clinicians, patients, advocacy groups and politicians):



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