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GISTers meet in NYC

Posted by Paul Cutler (pwcutler) on Aug 21 2007
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GISTers Meet in New York City

Michael Ting organized an informal lunch meeting of GISTers in the New
 York City area on Augist 11, 2007.  

Michael said "We had a nice showing for the NYC GISTers meeting this
 past Saturday.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to participate.
  In addition to getting to know one another and hearing about everyone's
 GIST journeys, we had some lively discussions on current topics related
 to GIST, including mutational testing, new drug trials, as well as the
 efficacy of Gleevac at different dosages."  

"Although the discussion topics were on the serious side, the mood was
 very light-hearted and it was a good few hours.  We hope to do this
 again in the near-future."

Pictured in the photo below are the attendees: 

Standing, left to right: Mark Landesman, Pamela Fedowich and her husband Hitesh, Michael Ting, Myron Gelberg, Anita Scherzer, Ora Gelberg, Norman Scherzer. Seated, left to right: Julie and her sister Anita, Craig Seebach. Not pictured: Ken Schou

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