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Moments in Sarcoma

Posted by Julie Royster (juliecontent) on Feb 06 2009
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Team Sarcoma Website Seeks Memorable Moments

If you have been touched by sarcoma, you have a moment to share with the world. If you were to share just one moment on your journey with sarcoma with others, what would it be? Imagine a collection of moments from people around the world who have dealt with all kinds of sarcomas. What insights would surface? What would we learn?

“Moments in Sarcoma” is a new project that will publish moments from the lives of patients and their families, doctors, researchers, and friends. Submissions are invited during the month of February. Then one submission will be published daily on the Team Sarcoma Website starting in May or June, continuing through the International Sarcoma Awareness Week in July and ending when all chosen moments have been published.

As a part of this very special project, one patient or survivor who submits a Moment by March 1 will be awarded a sponsorship of at least $2,000 (there may also be the possibility of some travel assistance) to participate in the 2009 “Core” Team Sarcoma Bike Tour during July 18-25, 2009. Everyone who has been touched by sarcoma is invited to participate in this project.

Learn more, and share a moment today at

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