Educational Brochure about GIST

GIST Support International has developed a brochure that includes facts about GIST diagnosis, treatment of GIST, questions to ask your doctor, and our contact information. 

GSI is grateful to the five GIST experts who reviewed the contents:  Dr. Charles Blanke, Dr. Christopher Corless, Dr. Anette Duensing, Dr. Jonathan Trent, Dr. Christopher Windham, and Dr. Margaret von Mehren.  The graphic design and illustrations are by the talented Peter Greenwood, a member of our GSI community.

You can view the brochure and print it using the free Adobe reader software.  To view or print the brochure CLICK HERE.

Printed Copies Available

We are happy to mail you a handsomely printed copy of the brochure, plus additional copies for the office of your physician.  To request a copy, please e-mail and provide your name and mailing address. 

To obtain multiple copies for your treatment center, please tell us the name of the facility or the physician (to avoid duplication in case we have already sent copies to your physician).  Note that one must request permission before leaving brochures with a physician’s office, or else they may be discarded.

Physicians and oncology nurses:  we will gladly send as many copies as you need at no cost.  Please e-mail to order copies.