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Emerging Treatments for GIST

Most of the following drugs are in clinical trials to treat gastrointestinal stroaml tumor (GIST); a few are in pre-clinical development.  Note that some drugs are approved already for  treatment of other diseases, but are in trials for gastrointestinal stromal tumor.  Also, some approved drugs (such as imatinib and sunitinib) are in combination trials.

Drugs are categorized according to their targets in the following sections.  Click a category below to see its contents.

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors of KIT and PDGFRA  

Biologic Inhibitors of KIT and PDGFRA

HSP90 Inhibitors

Inhibitors of Pathways Downstream of KIT & PDGFR

Cell Cycle Inhibitors

Insulin-like Growth Factor Pathway Inhibitors

Proteasome Inhibitors

Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Other Trials

Drugs in Past Trials

Drugs to Watch


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