Familial GIST with Inherited Mutations in the Genes for KIT or PDGFRA

Occasionally GIST may run in families due to an inherited germline mutation of the gene for KIT or for PDGFRA. A germline mutation means that the mutation was present in the egg or sperm cell at the conception of the individual, and therefore all the cells of the individual’s body carry the mutation.  There are fewer than 20 reports of familial GIST in the medical literature.  Because the initial mutation is already present in all the body’s cells, the first step toward developing GIST has occurred before birth. Therefore, there is a high probability that multiple GISTs will develop, and at a younger adult age than in sporadic GIST.  Most affected individuals have been diagnosed with GIST between age 25 and 45.


The pattern of inheritance in many of these families has been an autosomal dominant pattern, implying that each child of an affected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting the mutant gene.  The figure above illustrates that the affected father passes on the trait to half of his offspring.  The affected offspring then have a 50% chance of passing it on to each of their children.  Unaffected offspring cannot pass on the trait, as ilustrated in the following figure.  Note, however, that in the case of familial GIST, people who inherit the mutant gene do not necessarily develop GIST, or may not do so until middle age or later.


Individuals with familial GIST often show excess growth called hyperplasia of interstitial cells of Cajal in the intestinal nerve centers called the myenteric plexus. This hyperplasia is apparently a precursor condition to the development of multiple tumors.

Familial Mutations of the KIT Gene

Mutations of the gene encoding the KIT receptor have been identified in most of the kindreds with familial GIST.  It is important to note that different families display different KIT gene mutations and may show different symptoms, which may or may not include:

  • skin hyperpigmentation: patterns of dark skin on the face, neck, hands, feet, groin, or other areas
  • nevi: skin moles
  • urticaria pigmentosa: a mastocytosis disorder in which excess mast cells occur in brown or salmon-colored itchy patches on the skin
  • swallowing difficulty, sometimes referred to as dysphagia or as achalasia

Familial Mutations of the PDGFRA Gene

Mutation in the gene encoding PDGFRA has been reported in one family (Chompret et al, 2004).  No skin problems or swallowing difficulties were associated with this family.

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