Because gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) is a rare cancer, GIST patients need to become savvy about their disease and their options for medical care. The pages in this section include practical strategies for navigating your way to the best care, based on the experiences of your fellow GISTers.  You can also JOIN GIST Support International to become part of our online group and interact with others sharing the GIST journey for mutual support, a feeling of community, and answers  to your questions.

Newbie Orientation helps you cope with a new diagnosis of GIST cancer.

What to Ask your Doctor lists questions you can use to get the information you need.

Finding Good Care gives tips for selecting a physician for your GIST treatment.

GIST Clinics and Doctors lists centers with experience in treating GIST cancer.

Understanding Your Pathology Report for GIST explains your pathology results and how they affect your prognosis and your treatment plan (written by expert pathologists!).

The Pathology of SDH-deficient cancer mutation testing  An explanation of what lies beyond  KIT and PDGFRA-mutant GIST: SDH-deficient GIST.

Mutation Testing lists labs where your tumor sample can be sent to determine mutation status.

Reaching out to your Nurse  describes how your nurse can help you.

Monitoring Tests  describes blood tests and scans you may have.

Medicine and the Web is an essay on helping yourself via this internet community.

Before you go to the Hospital gives practical advice on planning for surgery.

Managing Side Effects gives tips for living with long-term drug treatments.

Financial Assistance lists organizations that can help with costs.

FAQs answers a group of Frequently Asked Questions.

Best Links shows links for especially useful sites.

GIST Tissue Banks are centers where you can contribute tumor samples for research.