Listserv abbreviations

BTW = by the way
FYI = for your information
GSI = GIST Support International
IMO = in my opinion
LOL = Laughing out Loud
NED = No Evidence of Disease (so "dancing with NED" means no current sign of cancer)
NORA = No Obvious Recurrent Activity (same meaning as NED, but guys would rather dance with NORA)

Medical terms

CHEMO = chemotherapy
GIST = Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
LMS = leiomyosarcoma
METS = metastases
NED = no evidence of disease
ONC = oncologist
PATH = Pathology
RFA = Radio Frequency Ablation

GIST Centers

DFCI = Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Boston)
OHSU = Oregon Health Sciences university (Portland)
MSKCC =Memorial Sloan Kettering (New York)
FCCC=Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia)
UCLA = University of California, (Los Angeles)
MDA = MD Anderson Hospital (Houston, Texas)