You can easily switch your listserv subscription to any of three options:

  • “Regular” means you receive messages throughout the day as they are posted.
  • “Digest” means you receive a single post per day containing all the messages posted during the preceding 24 hours.
  • “No Mail” means no messages are sent to your email address, but you can still read all the daily posts on the Archives page and send posts to the list.

If you have too much mail or you are going on vacation, switch to “digest” or to “no mail.”  There is no need to leave the list.  You can read the mail while you are gone using the Archives (see Search the Archives).

To change your subscription optionsClick here

You will need a password to access your Lsoft command center. The Lsoft program will prompt you with instructions to set up a password for yourself I you have not already created one.

1.  Fill in your name and email address in the box.

2.  Choose your options.

  • For “regular” email choose “regular” under Subscription Type.
  • For “digest” choose “digest (traditional)” under Subscription Type.
  • For “no mail” choose “mail delivery disabled temporarily” under Miscellaneous.

3.  Click the button “UPDATE OPTIONS” to make your choices effective.  You can change your options as often as you like!

If you need help:
If you have trouble with this, we can do it for you. Just drop us a note at this address:   Let us know which option you prefer.

Contact us:
To reach the list owners or make suggestions with any of the above please send a message to  One of our volunteer list managers will get back in touch with you.

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