Problems Getting Mail

Our listservs are hosted by L-Soft, and the excellent L-Soft staff work very hard to deliver list mail to all subscribers. However, spam filtering on your personal computer, as well as filtering by your internet service provider, can interfere with receipt of list mail. Below are tips from L-Soft:

List subscribers who are not receiving mail should check all folders in their inboxes (including Junk, Trash, Spam and Bulk), in case an active anti-spam/filtering application on their personal computers is misfiling these messages.

If that bears no fruit, they will definitely want to contact the E-Mail Administrator at their internet service provider regarding this lack of receipt.

They will also probably want to ask their E-Mail Administrators for L-Soft servers be trustlisted / whitelisted.

L-Soft’s three (3) Class C IP ranges (which cover all L-Soft servers) are:

At minimum, the following IP addresses should be allowed: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []