This section is for patients and caregivers to share their experiences and observations about their own cancer journeys.  We all benefit from sharing what we’ve learned through this journey.


A GIST Chronicle     by Ken Saladin

What I Can Do with GIST     by H. Marvin Wilson

An Angel Called Ann Charlott     by Arne Steen

Faith and GIST     by Hansel M. Wilson

Some Words of Encouragement     by Martin Leigh

It’s OK When You Don’t Feel Up     by Louise Ladd

8 Years and Counting!     by Brenda Bannon

Friends     by Marilyn Rodgers

To Those Feeling Despair or Hopelessness     by Bob Spiegel

A Miracle in Disguise     by Rachael from Salt Lake City

Live Life Like You’re Dying     by Bob Spiegel

Brenda’s War on GIST     by Brenda Bannon

Bicycle Duty     by Kel Moore

Louise’s 4th of July Celebration     by Louise Ladd

Christian Reflections Series    (UPDATED)    by John Tung

My Christmas Tree: It’s Still Up!      by Lois Weber

Life Is Great!     by Carolina Williams

Shining Lights     by William Arrington

Reacting to a Cancer Diagnosis     by Donna Capps

“Dancing With Ned” — How Ned Was Born     by Louise Ladd

Before You Go to the Hospital     by Louise Ladd

Dean , Remembrance     by Mel Heller, MD

Reflections: the First Anniversary of my GIST diagnosis     by Darlene Rigg

Something Important and Wonderful     by Mel Heller, MD

Conversations with the Moon     by Wendy Reed

Faith, Ourselves and Attitudes Toward Treatment Options     by Mel Heller, MD

Maura’s Essay     by Maura Cesarini

Waiting, The Cancer Patient     by Beverly Shirts

Medicine and the Web Bev’s Tips     by Beverly Shirts

Grape Soda     by Marina Symcox

Last Marathon     by Marina Symcox

I was navigating a room full of strange faces     by Marina Symcox

Here’s to a giant group hug!     by Janice Gabriel

When the traveling gets hard     by Mel Heller, MD

“Girl in a Closet” &nnbsp;   Oil on Canvas by Ellen Mayer

Happy Birthday to our Anna, OOPS, Not Yvonne!     by Anna in Italy

The Very Best Doctors     by Bev Shirts

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