Wildtype GIST Webcasts & Slide Shows

The links below take you to presentations made at medical society meetings.  Some are webcastsincluding the speaker’s voice along with the slides shown.  Others are only slide shows, without any voice recording of the speech.  You can learn a lot from both types.

Fernanda Arnaldez, MD
The 8th NIH GIST Clinic Invitational Lecture
January 2012

Living with GIST (by 2 young adult patients)
The 7th NIH GIST Clinic Lecture
June 2011

Heidi Kong, MD
Skin Toxicities in Targeted Therapies
January 2011 invitational lecture at the 6th Pediatric & Wildtype GIST Clinic at NIH

Su Young Kim, MD PhD
Clinical and Research Advances in Pediatric and Wildtype GIST
September 2010 presentation at the GIST Summit sponsored by GSI and MD Anderson

Su Young Kim, MD PhD
June 2010 invitational lecture at the 5th Pediatric & Wildtype GIST Clinic at NIH

Su Young Kim, MD PhD
Utilizing Results from the NIH GIST Clinics to Plan for the Future
January 2010 Invitational Lecture at the 4th Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic at NIH
You can also view Dr. Kim’s slides as an Adobe pdf at THIS LINK.

Constantine Stratakis, MD SciD
Genetic Syndromes Associated with KIT or PDFGRA Non-Mutant Pediatric GISTs.
June 2009 Invitational Lecture at the 3rd Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic at NIH.

Su Young Kim, MD
The NIH Pediatric & Wildtype GIST Clinic
CTOS 2008 poster presentation.   Click title to view poster as a pdf, then use the magnification control in Adobe reader to enlarge it enough to read it easily.

Alberto Pappo, MD
Pediatric GIST: The New Kid on the Block
ASCO 2006 webcast: at linked page click “video” icon to right of Dr. Pappo’s name.

Katherine A. Janeway, MD
Sunitinib treatment of pediatric metastatic GIST after failure of imatinib.
ASCO 2006 slide show: click “slides” icon below abstract on linked page.