Blueprint Medicines Launches Mutation Matters, An Educational Resource for People Affected by GIST

All types of GIST are driven by an underlying genetic mutation, or an abnormal change in a gene. To raise awareness on the importance of mutational testing, Blueprint Medicines has announced an educational resource for people affected by GIST called Mutation Matters™ (

Mutational testing is the only way to confirm which mutation is causing a person’s GIST, and it helps care teams determine the best way to tailor treatment plans. Despite supporting peer-reviewed publications and expert guideline recommendations, mutational testing for people who have GIST is currently not standard of care. In the United States its estimated that three out of five people with GIST may not be getting mutation testing before starting treatment.

To empower people living with GIST with more information on mutational testing, the site outlines how testing is done, the types of information received from a mutational test and additional online resources. Mutation Matters launches featuring our first video in a series with commentary from Dr. Neeta Somaiah from MD Anderson Cancer Center, an FAQ, and a discussion guide to help people with GIST speak with their care team about mutational testing.

We invite you to visit to learn more.