Our all-volunteer organization utilizes committees as working groups to achieve our mission. Any subscribers may take it upon themselves to establish and organize a committee that forwards the organization’s mission. Final authority to make changes to the organization, its goals, objectives, and guidelines, shall rest in the hands of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors   gsi@gistsupport.org

Marina Symcox, Manager


Joan Marie Hayno, Secretary


Ginger Sawyer, Treasurer


Barbara Doré


Donna Capps


Becky Owens


Phyllis Gay


Nancy Berezin



Science Committee

The members of the science committee keep an eye on new medical papers pertaining to GIST and watch for new drugs in development that might be used in treating GIST. They summarize the most applicable information on our website, keeping it an up-to-date medical and scientific resource to our GSI community.

  • Becky Owens
  • Nancy Berezin
  • Anette Duensing, M.D.
  • Phyllis Gay
  • Rick Lamb
  • Rebeca Porto, M.D.
  • Marina Symcox, Ph.D.

Website Committee

The website committee is composed of volunteers within our group who work together to make changes and updates to our web site.

  • Butch and Joan Marie Hayno
  • Becky Owens
  • Ginger Sawyer
  • Barbara Dore
  • Malcom Sherrington

Wildtype GIST Committee

The Wildtype GIST Committee deals with issues faced by all wildtype GIST patients, including adults and young patients with syndromic GIST such as Carney Triad, or Carney-Stratakis dyad.

  • Phyllis Gay and  Becky Owens  Wildtype GIST Committee Coordinators