GIST Support International (GSI) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that reaches out to GIST patients and their families and friends to provide education and support. GSI promotes and encourages ongoing research in the quest for a cure for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor.


  • To be recognized as the premier GIST patient group: independent, unbiased and providing a respected international voice for GIST patients.
  • To create a portal that GIST patients, caregivers, medical professionals, media and others think of as the FIRST place to go for complete, accurate, up-to-date information on Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors.
  • To continue to provide an online community where both patients and caregivers can interact and feel comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences while working through the emotional roller-coaster of living with cancer.
  • To produce top-quality educational products about GIST in order to enable all patients to become their own best advocates.
  • To maintain an educational, informative website with accurate information about practical issues as well as medical aspects of GIST and its treatment.
  • To translate key sections of our website for international GIST patients.
  • To reach out internationally to all GIST patients who do not have access to the internet.
  • To remain focused solely on GIST patients.


  • Serve the general public and GIST patients in particular with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism in all matters.
  • Maintain open and easy membership – no one will ever be asked to provide personal or medical information to join GSI.
  • No dues – no member will ever be asked to pay dues or to make financial donations to GSI.
  • Uphold our total commitment to GSI’s open and transparent financial disclosure, as well as requiring the same from any organization seeking to advertise on our LISTSERV or website.
  • To involve all GSI members who desire to participate in various working committees and daily activities of running the organization.

DEDICATION: Our website is dedicated to Cynthia Whitson and Rich Schlott, who were instrumental in our quest for an open support group.

All subscribers to the LISTSERV are requested to follow commonly accepted netiquette rules, detailed in the following link: Netiquette guidelines.